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Patient involvement in a trial to help find treatments for COVID-19


PRINCIPLE is a nationwide clinical study from the University of Oxford to find COVID-19 treatments for the over 50s that can be taken at home.


They are looking for medicines that can help people with COVID-19 symptoms get better quickly and stop them needing to go to hospital and are recruiting participants through their website and also through GP practices across the UK


PRINCIPLE is still open to those who have received one of the COVID-19 vaccines.  Click on the image below to find out more.

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Covid-19 update from the West Hants Clinical Commissioning group (WHCCG)
Friday 8th January. We have been asked to bring the latest update on the Covid-19 vaccination info to the attention of patients.  Click on the update image to read the current situation.
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Click on the image to find out about the NHS Covid-19 tracing App and how too download it to your smart phone.

Keep your self and others safe.  Use a face mask when attending the surgery

Thank you.

We would like to thank all our patients for their understanding and support during the last few months as we have managed the changes that have been needed to maintain our care for patients during the pandemic. We understand that different ways of working may seem to make it more difficult to see your GP, but please respect our staff as there have been a lot of changes recently and they are doing their best to help you


You will be pleased to know the numbers of deaths and virus cases have fallen recently. However the pandemic is not over and we have to continue to plan how we keep both patients and staff safe in the coming months.


As a patient, you have an important role to play in maintaining a safe surgery environment. We need to continue to use the following strategies:


Making an appointment

All GP appointments booked with reception will be followed up with a telephone consultation. Appointments may be booked by phone (o23 8089 9119) from 8am for a same day call back and in response, the GP who contacts you will decide if a face to face appointment is appropriate and arrange this with you. Please do not come to the surgery unless a member of the team has asked you to attend.


Keeping you safe

If asked to attend the surgery please wear a face covering. Our staff will continue to wear PPE for all consultations.

If possible use the online eConsult’ request form that may be found on our website, to seek advice about your medical concern.


Asking for a repeat prescription

Please use the NHS App or Patient Access to order repeat prescriptions. Details may be found on our website. If you are unable to use either, then contact the medical secretaries to request your repeat prescription. If at all possible please avoid visiting the surgery to drop off your prescription request.

Prescriptions will be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy for you to collect, or, delivered to your home, if you have an arrangement in place with the pharmacy, .


Managing COVID-19 positive patients

We still need to make provision to manage COVID-19 positive patients, which means our front door will remain locked during this time. Blood test appointments are available for urgent tests requested by the doctor, but are limited, due to the cleaning that needs to take place. You may also use Lymington and Southampton Hospitals to book a blood test.



We will not be issuing letters to exempt people from wearing face masks. 


We hope this summary of the current situation is helpful in explaining why things are different, but if you would like further information please contact the surgery reception.

In line with the government guidance to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces where social distancing isn’t possible, we are asking all patients who attend the surgery to use their own reusable face coverings.  If you don't have one, there are easy instructions on how to manufacture one online.  Click on the mask image to find out more.   

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For those patients who are absolutely not able to provide their own face covering we are grateful to the Hythe Marina NHS Team who donated a large batch of home sewn face masks. As we are requiring patients who attend the surgery to ensure they have face coverings, if they are provided one of those made by the Hythe Marina NHS team we are asking for a small donation for Oakhaven Hospice for these donated masks.

Thanks to the Hythe Marina NHS team for donating masks for patient use.


The Waterside PCN network is leading the way

To ensure the safety of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Primary Care Network (PCN), a collaboration of the 5 Waterside Surgeries, of which the Red and Green Practice is a member, is introducing a new monitoring and support strategy called the ‘Virtual Ward’. The PCN is the first network of practices to have access to this in the Country. 


The Covid-19 virtual ward app is used by clinicians, who will assign the app to patients who are triaged in urgent care and felt to have acute symptoms of Covid-19, to ensure they get the right escalation of treatment when needed. The patients can only access the app if registered by a GP. They will only be part of the virtual ward and have use of the Covid-19 app whilst they have symptoms of Covid-19. Once recovered they are removed from the ward. To read more information click on the Image on the right.

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Returning to work?


The Practice has prepared a letter outlining links to advice for employers, about safeguarding individuals returning to work, who are at increased risk because of underlying health issues. Patients may print the letter and use it with their employer to discuss safeguarding strategies in their work place. Click on the letter image to go to the letter.

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If you require medical attention, read the information below that explains how to contact the Health Centres. You will find links to NHS and Government updates about the Coronavirus. 

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How the Practice is changing the way it works

To follow on from the recent guidance issued by NHS England, Public Health England and Her Majesty's Government, the Partners at the Red and Green Practice have made the decision to put in some extra emergency measures to minimise the risk to both our staff and patients and their families. We will follow the basic principles of identify, isolate and contain, but look to personalise these within our practice. In the daily changing circumstances, concerning the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Practice has to reassess how to continue to provide patients with appropriate medical support.

We have a duty of care to minimise the risk of infection to those patients we are looking after, who may not have Coronavirus, but who are seeing us for other conditions.


We also have a duty of care to try and keep the practice open and operating in an environment where our staff or doctors may have to self-isolate for up to 2 weeks and not be available for face to face consultations.


All of this means that we are going to have to make some significant changes to the way that we work. We need to be able to be both careful and reactive to the situation on a day by day basis. Patients are asked to recognise that all changes have the best interests of both patients and staff in mind, to ensure the Practice is able to maintain a safe and effective service. 


You are able to find out about changes in the current situation by looking at our Facebook page and the website will be updated as the situation changes.


We are no longer booking routine GP appointments in advance. These will be telephone appointments only and if the Doctor requires you to be seen, they will request this in the telephone call. This is one of the measures that we are putting in place to reduce the risk to all patients, staff and clinicians. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


What you can do as a patient

As patients you have a part to play in ensuring we are able to continue to offer a safe and effective service.  Please the note the following ways you are able to help us:


  • Do you have a condition that you are able to manage without seeing a clinician? If you do, then please seek advice from either your pharmacist or from NHS online. Click on this link to go to NHS on line.


  • Do you simply need general medical advice? If you do, then call 111.

  • If you feel you need to see a doctor, then please try to call in the morning rather than the afternoon. This will enable us to allocate GPs or nursing staff to meet the demand.


  • Do you have access to online services in order to order your prescriptions? If not then you can download the NHS App. You do not need to come to the surgery to register to use this. Click on this link to go to the instructions for downloading and using the App.


n.b. The NHS App is only available for use on mobile devices such as a mobile phone or tablet. Currently it is not available for use on a computer.  If you have not yet registered, using the App it is the preferred method for you to access to on-line services. The alternative ‘Patient Access’ may be used on any device to access on-line services and order repeat prescriptions. However if you haven’t yet registered you will have to bring identification into the surgery to arrange this and it is preferred that you don’t do this, in order to minimise unnecessary visits.


  • Have you nominated a pharmacy to receive an electronic prescription directly from the GP? This service allows your prescription to be sent electronically to the Pharmacy of your choice, and it also means you won’t need to come into the surgery, either to order a repeat prescription or pick it up to take to the pharmacy.   If not, please call the surgery on 023 8089 9119 to set this up.

  • You may nominate a pharmacy via your online app or by speaking to your pharmacist or GP surgery. Most Pharmacies have a delivery service for medications and if you are self-isolating you should contact them to make an arrangement for your medicines to delivered directly to your home.

Changes to the way the Health Centres will be organised

The health centre will be organised in different zones to avoid any cross infection.


There will be a Green Zone that will be entirely patient free for the exclusive use of telephone and video consults and administrative tasks.  The Green Zone will be the basement Floor at Waterside and the entire Blackfield Health Centre. Patients normally attending the Health Centre at Blackfield will now attend at Waterside. 


There will be an Amber Zone at Waterside Health Centre that will be used for Urgent Care face to face appointments. All patients will be screened for viral symptons prior to attending and asked to rebook if positive. Patients will enter the building via the front door and upon arrival will be asked to use a hand sanitising gel. 


There will be a Red Zone at Waterside Health Centre. Patients will enter the building via the signed fire exit by ringing the doorbell.  High risk patients will be instructed not to approach the reception desk, and make their way to the RED zone entrance accessed via the entrance to the Healthy Haven. 

Upon arrival in the RED waiting zone, there is an alcohol hand gel dispenser and instruction poster on how to wash their hands.

Patients in the red zone  will not be able to use the toilet whilst in the building. 


Changes to the arrangements for patient face to face appointments 

  • Consideration is being given to removing online booking for all appointments other than telephone and Video Consultations.

  • All routine appointments will be converted to either Video or Telephone consultations.

  • Following the conversation, if a patient still needs to be seen face to face, and they have no viral symptoms, they will be seen in the AMBER zone.

  • If a patient needs to be assessed with viral symptoms, and is low risk COVID-19, they will be seen in the RED zone.

  • If a patient previously due to be seen in the AMBER zone, is reassessed on arrival and found to have viral symptoms, then they will be seen in the RED zone.