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Submit a Home Blood Pressure Reading/Monitoring Form


If you have been asked to complete a 7 Day Home Blood Pressure Monitoring form by your GP and do not have a copy of the form, you can download the forms here: 

Alternatively, printed versions of these forms are available at Reception.

These forms require you to take your blood pressure four times a day over a seven day period  and then work out an average, which gives the GP a better understanding of your blood pressure

Using your own home blood pressure machine to help us look after your blood pressure might be convenient if you are busy and / or find it tricky to find time to come into surgery to have it done. It might also be of benefit if you get “white coat” hypertension (higher blood pressure just when you come into surgery).

If you do not have your own machine you can buy one from most good Pharmacists. A list of approved devices can be found here


Find out more about blood pressure here

Once you have completed your 7 Day Home Blood Pressure Monitoring form please submit it using the submission form below, if using an electronic copy. Or, if you are using a paper copy, you can still submit a clear photograph or scan of your form below. Alternatively, return your form to Reception. 


The form below can also be used to send us a single BP reading. 

Submit Home BP Reading Here

Smoking Status
Upload Home BP Monitoring Form Here
If you are not happy to tick the boxes above please write down your details as requested above and return it to the surgery.
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