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Care Navigators
The role of the Care Navigator is to ‘signpost’ patients and their carers to access the support and services they may need to enable them to remain safe and independent at home. The service is particularly focused on vulnerable older people who may have long-term health conditions. It is hoped that the support provided will also help to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital.
Upon receiving a referral from your GP, one of our Care Navigators, Tracy Hayllar and Vicky McCarrick, will visit you at home. There are various things they can help with and these include:
  • Offering basic information and advice about various benefits and allowances and helping you to access more in-depth help with this.

  • Helping you to decide whether you would benefit from aids and adaptations in your home and if so, making the referral to adult services.

  • Helping you to access support groups and services such as befriending, dog walking, gardening, day centres and community social activities.

  • Visiting you at home if you have recently been discharged from hospital to see how you are managing.

  • Finding out whether you are having any problems taking your medications properly.


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