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Make a Complaint, Comment or Suggestion
How do I express my views about the service offered by the Practice?

As a Practice team we strive to give you the best care and attention and welcome suggestions as to how we may improve. This includes our 'back room' support teams, our front desk teams, our nursing teams and our GPs. Your views are very important and have guided us to improve what we do, and how we do it.


It is always good to hear when our GPs, nurses and staff have earned a compliment; it goes a long way and is always appreciated. Whether positive, negative or just an observation, your feedback helps us to continuously improve the service we offer.

General comments and suggestions can be made using the forms at Reception.

Comments and suggestions can be made by contacting our Operations Manager on 07775 872181 

If you are not entirely satisfied with any aspect of our service or you have any cause to complain, please speak to the Receptionist who will be able to provide you with a leaflet which explains our complaint procedure fully, or you can download it here.

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