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Where to find help when the surgery is closed
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Putting together the pieces of the PCN
If you have not been able to attend one of the FLU clinics, please contact reception at either Waterside or Blackfield to ask how to obtain a vaccination. Either visit the surgery or phone on 023 8089 9119.
Protecting your child against the possibility of getting FLU.

There are special arrangements for children to receive protection against the possibility of getting FLU. 


Briefly the surgery is able to offer the flu vaccine to 2 and 3 year olds and those children who are in an at-risk category.  


School age children who are not in an at-risk category should be seen by the School Nurses. 


The surgery will start sending out invites for children to be vaccinated, once supplies are available, which is likely to be the end of October.

Click on the picture to find more detailed information about whether your child is able to receive the vaccine, and about any possible side effects.

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Click on the picture on the left to download the booklet that tells you everything about the FLU vaccine that you may not have known!
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