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Developing Patient Champions through a new partnership between GPs & patients using Collaborative Practice & what it means.

The Red and Green practice along with our Primary Care Network (PCN) partners, Waterfront and Solent and Forestside Surgeries are engaged in a NHS supported strategy that aims to reduce demand on clinical services, while providing the social support and connections that individual people need, to improve their own health and wellbeing. This is called “working as a collaborative practice” and we are trying this new approach to re-establish our surgery in the centre of our community, to provide new ways of managing health to engage more effectively with you, our patients.

Our practice has invited a cross-section of local people to become Health Champions by gifting their time to work alongside our Doctors and staff to deliver health services in a new, collaborative relationship. These changes mean that new possibilities open up, based on what is important to our community. People’s needs will be met differently, with the aim of improving clinical services and patient support networks for all age groups which are able to be more resilient to individual needs.

We are aiming to recruit a "lead patient champion" from each new support group, to form a patient engagement group, which will enable our patients to provide feedback as to how our practice and PCN can continue to improve our services. This group will be representative of our patient population, and we have already received interest to become a Health Champion from a variety of age groups.

If you would like more information on the programme and what it aims to achieve it can be found on the Patient Champion website, by clicking on the logo.

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