PPG Contact with patients during the Coronavirus pandemic
As we have been unable to provide events for patients due to the lockdown the PPG has been communicating with patients by email to provide information about Health & Wellbeing issues.  We have created an archive of these emails on the PPG website and they may be viewed at: 
We are only able to send emails to patients who have given permission to us to use their contact details.  If you would like to be added to our circulation list please provide your details on the 'Contact Us' page on our website.  Click here to go to the form to provide your contact details.  We look forward to hearing from you.
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What does involvement in the PPG mean?

The PPG encourages the involvement of all patients in its activities.

You are invited to get involved with the PPG.  Find out how to:
  • Belong
  • Participate 
  • Contribute
  • To belong: let us have your contact details and we will keep you informed about PPG activities
  • to participate: join one of our focus/activity groups and have your say 
  • To contribute: provide suggestions for improving the patient experience, but please note this is not about making complaints, for which there is a dedicated procedure provided by the Practice
Find out more from our website at:

The Practice & Patient Participation

The Practice has developed a practical partnership with patients to provide the means for patients to influence the development of the Practice and to provide a patient viewpoint regarding the standards of care provided by the Practice in the services it provides for patients.

 What is the purpose of a Patient Participation Group? 


  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity where possible, to share decision-making in the running of the practice. 

  • To provide for patients to make positive suggestions about the practice, and be an advocate for patient preferences when appropriate. 

  • To provide a means for practice staff to inform patients about the reality of running a General Practice. 

  • To involve the wider population, and be an advocate for the practice when appropriate, with special interest health groups

  • To encourage health education activities within the practice. 

  • To develop self-help projects to meet the needs of patients, such as befriending, help with transport, and bereavement support. 

  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of health and social care. 


Remember - a PPG has to represent a whole practice population, not personal or individual views, and therefore the more patients who become involved the more we are able to support and influence the Practice. 

How to get involved in the activities of the PPG

Click the logo on the right to go to the PPG website and find the form with which you may register your interest.  You will see there are different levels about how you are able to be involved, so you are able to choose how much you want to do. 

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