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Dear Patient


We have recently been notified by the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Service, that you did not attend your recent appointment.


Even if your eyes seem fine, it is advisable that you still attend this test as Diabetic Retinopathy does not affect your eyesight until it has become quite advanced, at which point the treatment is less effective.  Although most cases of Diabetic Retinopathy will pose no threat to your eyesight, the earlier problems are identified and treated, the better chance of preventing any lasting damage.


The Diabetic Eye Screening Service will send you another invitation next year, we hope you will be able to attend this appointment.  If you decide you would like to have your eyes screened earlier, or if you were unable to attend your appointment for any other reason, please inform the Retinal Screening Service on 0300 123 3937 or


Please remember to let the Practice know of any changes to your surname, address or telephone numbers. Click here for a ‘Changes in Registration Details Form’, or alternative ways to update your details. 

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