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Click on the image below to see the monthly 'Healthy Walks' programme in which Patients in Red & Green Practice from the Waterside (Hythe) and Blackfield Health Centres are invited to take part 
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How does walking help me?

Regular walking will:


  • Improve your heart health

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Help maintain a healthy weight

  • Build strength in muscles and bones

  • Build stamina and give you more energy

  • Boost your immune system

  • Help you breathe more efficiently

  • Aid restful sleep

  • Build confidence and mental well-being

Find out more about the opportunities for walking in the Forest by clicking here.

Walks in the New Forest

Click on the map to go to the New Forest walking site, where you will find different walks, both long & short and of varying difficulty from easy to more challenging.

Why not arrange a walk with friends and enjoy a day out.

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Download the New Forest walking App 

If you own a smart phone you might consider downloading the New Forest walking App.  This provides details of different routes and guides you around the trail.

Click on the image on the left to go to the App download page for an iPhone.  Or click here to to go to the download for an Android phone.

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