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The Primary Care Network (PCN) is continuing to invite people to receive both first and second vaccinations against Covid-19.
Please do not ring the Practice about either being offered the first or second vaccination. You will be offered one in line with the planned time frame.  The message is 'please be patient' and don't add to the overload that the Practice is experiencing in answering calls about your invitation to receive the vaccine.
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To find out about these free rapid Covid-19 tests and if you should consider taking one, click on the image on the left.  There are three local pharmacies where you are able to pick up a test kit.  Jays Pharmacy in Dibden Purlieu, Day Lewis at the Waterside Health centre and Boots in Hythe.
To learn about how Covid19 has affected the way the Practice works click on the virus image to go to the Covid 19 information page.
If you have flu-like symptoms (for example respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, cough, fever) however mild, please DO NOT come to the surgery. Instead click on this link  and assess your health situation using the 111 check   list.
Register as a carer
The Practice needs to update their records for patients who are carers so they may be given priority to receive a vaccination.  To do this, patients who are carers are asked to complete a form that may be downloaded from this site.  The form is in two parts and must be signed by both the carer and the patient.  You may access the form by clicking here
Click on the image above to go to our web page that provides more information. 

If you have an urgent medical problem when the Health Centre and the Pharmacies are closed and you’re not sure what to do, you can get help online or on the phone from NHS 111.


To get help from NHS 111, you can: 

  • go to  (for people aged 5 and over only) 

  • or call 111.

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Latest information related to medical issues during total lockdown

The restrictions includes information related to keeping well:

  • Everyone should still access the social care and medical services you need

Red and Green Practice wish to reassure our patients if they have a face to face appointment booked with a nurse/doctor or a flu vaccination appointment these will still go ahead.  We will continue to book flu vaccinations for those of you who have received or will receive a letter/text in the near future.

If you become unwell and need to see a doctor, follow the guidance for making an appointment shown on the previous Covid-19 information page.

Please note, Blackfield Health centre is closed during COVID except for some  pre-booked nurse clinic in the mornings from 9.00 – 1.00.  

Please note it is not possible to request a Covid-19 vaccination.  Once the arrangements are agreed for our local Practice you will be invited to attend the vaccination centre.

To see the complete list of what is allowed, click here to go to the GOV UK site.
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Children & young people are particularly vulnerable during this period of uncertainty when the virus is coming and going.  Pressures caused by new situations such as returning to school, isolation from friends and external concerns about things such exams.  
Caring for mental health and the stress of coping with uncertainty is not always as obvious as a physical illness. To find out how you are able to promote good mental health in your children and teenagers click on the image above.

If you are concerned about the risks of returning to work because of a medical condition, the Practice has prepared a letter that you may print off to use with your employer, to discuss your workplace needs to maintain a safe working environment. Click on the letter image to go to the letter.

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You may feel lonely , but you are not alone. There are local support networks to help if needed.

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If you are over 70 and have underlying health issues, you have been advised to stay at home. You might be feeling worried, scared, sad or even a bit angry at the thought of this and not being able to see friends and loved ones, or take part in the activities that you normally enjoy.  This may feel lonely, but you are not alone.  Click on either picture to find information about local support groups who are there to provide practical help and support.

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A guide to help people manage their care and wellbeing, remain independent and connect to their communities. Contains comprehensive details of care providers and support services across Hampshire. To view a PDF or download the booklet, click on the picture and follow the instructions on their website. 

Don't keep it to yourself if you are feeling unwell

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There is a concern in the NHS that people who need to be treated for a heart problem may be avoiding seeking help because of a fear of contracting Covid-19.  You have to make a balanced decision that weighs your fear about the corona virus, against the very real need to seek help for a heart condition

Do not delay because you think hospitals are too busy - the NHS still has systems in place to treat people for heart attacks and strokes.

You will be kept apart from patients suffering from suspected or confirmed coronavirus, making it very unlikely you will become infected. If you delay, you are more likely to suffer serious heart damage and more likely to need intensive care and to spend longer in hospital.

You may find out more about the symptoms that you might experience if you have a stroke, a heart attack or are suffering from heart failure by clicking on the image on the right.


it is essential to dial 999 if you have symptoms that could be a heart attack or a stroke, or if your heart symptoms get worse, whether or not you have coronavirus symptoms.

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During this difficult time and to minimise the possibility of spreading infection, please use eConsult to seek medical advice from the Practice. Follow the steps in the blue box below to contact a clinician, rather than having to spend time on the phone. Please only complete eConsults for yourself and NOT for friends/relatives/or your children .

Please note, you should not use eConsult to ask about receiving a Covid-19 vaccination.  It only makes unnecessary work for Practice staff who will not be able to provide information about this. Please wait until you receive an invitation to attend a centre for a vaccination.
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When the surgery is very busy, why not seek advice about your health problem by using eConsult. It's as easy as 1.2.3.

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Click on the eConsult box below to start. Please read the note above the eConsult box before using this App.

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Your doctor may want to know 

how you are managing your medication for a long term condition. If asked, complete a review for Asthma, the Contraceptive pill or Hypertension by clicking here

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The Waterside Primary care Network (PCN) has provided opportunities for the five Waterside GP Practices to collaborate in delivering a cohesive approach to supporting patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition five Health and Wellbeing Coaches have been appointed to support patients across the Waterside to provide a range of activities that encourage people to take take more responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Click on the image above to find out more about the PCN and how it is providing support for patients across the Waterside

Quick access tabs: click any tab to go to that topic
Trending information

Each of the links shown below will take you to further information from either the NHS or Gov UK websites.

It's just ....... During these difficult times if you notice something that is not normal about how you feel or there is something different about your body, don't leave it because it may be something that would benefit from treatment. Whether it's a lump, a pain you haven't experienced before or bleeding, take action to go and see your doctor ....

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The Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline - Hantshelp4vulnerable – set up to assist frail and vulnerable local residents with essential shopping, medication collections and befriending, is now reaching out directly to the many thousands of people, designated by the NHS as ‘extremely vulnerable’ - to offer support, should they need it. We're worried that some people may potentially miss out on vital support. Click on the Hampshire logo to find out more

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To help you decide which is the best service to use find out about how to  stay well by exploring the range of NHS Apps that will help you learn how to maintain your health & well-being. Click the App info box to go to the site and select the category that interests you.
Most APPs are free, but some have a cost attached.
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Zero tolerance to aggressive or abusive behaviour.  Click on the green image to see the Practice policy to safeguard staff and patients.

The report was published on 2nd October 2020 and may be viewed by clicking on ‘See the report’ in the box above. Click here for the Inspection Evidence table.