The times they are changing!

Due to the Coronavirus Red and Green Practice, along with all other GP practices in the country, have had to adapt to different ways of working.  It hasn't been easy for patients, doctors or practice admin staff to deal with these changes and the impact they have on the GP service we have known in the past.

To keep up to date with changes as they occur, go to the Practice facebook page where you will all the recent information updates.

To learn more about how Covid19 has affected the way the Practice works click on the virus image to go to the Covid 19 information page.

If you have flu-like symptoms (for example respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, cough, fever) however mild, please DO NOT come to the surgery. Instead click on this link  and assess your health situation using the 111 check   list.

The Practice is taking every step possible to ensure the safety of staff and patients. Please play your part in this process if you need to arrange to see your GP.  We are seeing patients face to face in the practice, but to protect our vulnerable patients the door is managed by our Reception team. This is to ensure that the we can adhere to Social distancing measures to ensure that patients are protected when they visit the surgery.

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Please take up the invitation to receive your vaccination when it is offered and protect both yourself and your local community.  If you have any concerns related to other health issues you may have, please seek advice, don't just ignore it, as this isn't going to go away without everyone playing their part.

 Vaccination Programme Update

This information is copied from the Practice Facebook page:

The Waterside Primary Care Network is preparing to deliver the Covid Spring Booster to patients over 75, in a care home or with a weakened immune system. 

We have been delivering the CoVid vaccine out of Applemore, with the full support of the fantastic team there, but as both Applemore and the PCN return to normal business we need to relocate our vaccination site. 

This is a complex process, including the reorganising the national delivery of vaccine and collections of clinical waste, but we are almost there and in the near future we will be delivering the CoVid vaccine from one of our sites; Waterside Health Centre in Beaulieu Road Hythe. 

Once we have new vaccine delivery schedules in place we will inform you of when the clinics will take place. Please don't contact your GP practice for more information, if you are eligible we will contact you.

Update your Contact Details | redandgreenpractice


If you do not have a mobile phone, you can also book into one of the National Booking Centres via the NHS website or calling 119. Due to time constraints, the need to staff clinics, and also to try to maintain the best levels of staffing we can at the surgery, we will not have the capacity to phone you individually.

Please act now and respond to your text!

We wish it was all over, but we are going to have to learn to live with with the various forms of the Covid Virus for the foreseeable future.  Be responsible and continue to take the small steps needed to keep both yourself and those with whom you come into contact safe.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the lives of carers and those they are caring for. A majority have had to provide extraordinary hours of care for loved ones with increasing needs during the crisis, often without the usual help from family and friends, and with limited or no support from local services.
As a result, many people providing care have been left exhausted, socially isolated and close to burnout. Adding to these considerable pressures, carers have also taken a financial hit, and seen their health and wellbeing decline.
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If you are a carer, click on the image above to learn about the physical and digital resources available through Carers UK 

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If you are a professional providing support for carers through the organisation you work for, click on the image above to learn about the resources available to you to help with your role.


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Whichever ethnic background you are from, it is important to have both doses of your Covid-19 vaccine to protect you and your unborn baby.

Covid-19 infection is currently circulating and can be serious for pregnant women.

Thousands of pregnant women women have been safely vaccinated in the UK and worldwide.

The message is have your COVID-19 vaccines.

If you are still not sure, read the advice from the Royal College of Midwives which you can find by clicking on the image below.

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Ordering your repeat prescription

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The Practice doctors are aiming to improve continuity of care with your prescriptions, and will be trying to ensure that your usual doctor will manage your prescriptions at all times, unless on holiday or sick.  For these reasons it may take a little longer to process your prescription depending on the days your doctor works.  Please help the doctors by putting in your prescriptions 7 working days before they are required and request all medications needed at one time (i.e order everything for the month/two months in one go if possible to bring all prescriptions into line.) Any spare medication may be returned to the pharmacy when collecting your next prescription so that you will have the correct amount at home.  Thank you for your support 
Remember, you may order a repeat prescription to be collected from your chosen pharmacy in three main ways. 
  • You may register with the NHS APP.  (Click here to find out how to register)
  • You may register with Patient Access.  (Click here to find out how to register)
  • You may complete the tick boxes on your repeat prescription form and post it in the letter box at the Surgery.
Register as a carer
The Practice needs to update their records for patients who are carers so they may be given priority to receive a vaccination.  To do this, patients who are carers are asked to complete a form that may be downloaded from this site.  The form is in two parts and must be signed by both the carer and the patient.  You may access the form by clicking here
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Click on the image above to go to our web page that provides more information. 

If you have an urgent medical problem when the Health Centre and the Pharmacies are closed and you’re not sure what to do, you can get help online or on the phone from NHS 111.


To get help from NHS 111, you can: 

  • go to  (for people aged 5 and over only) 

  • or call 111.

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Children & young people are particularly vulnerable during this period of uncertainty when the virus is coming and going.  Pressures caused by new situations such as returning to school, isolation from friends and external concerns about things such exams.  
Caring for mental health and the stress of coping with uncertainty is not always as obvious as a physical illness. To find out how you are able to promote good mental health in your children and teenagers click on the image above.
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A guide to help people manage their care and wellbeing, remain independent and connect to their communities. Contains comprehensive details of care providers and support services across Hampshire. To view a PDF or download the booklet, click on the picture and follow the instructions on their website. 

Don't keep it to yourself if you are feeling unwell

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There is a concern in the NHS that people who need to be treated for a heart problem may be avoiding seeking help because of a fear of contracting Covid-19.  You have to make a balanced decision that weighs your fear about the corona virus, against the very real need to seek help for a heart condition

Do not delay because you think hospitals are too busy - the NHS still has systems in place to treat people for heart attacks and strokes.

You will be kept apart from patients suffering from suspected or confirmed coronavirus, making it very unlikely you will become infected. If you delay, you are more likely to suffer serious heart damage and more likely to need intensive care and to spend longer in hospital.

You may find out more about the symptoms that you might experience if you have a stroke, a heart attack or are suffering from heart failure by clicking on the image on the right.


it is essential to dial 999 if you have symptoms that could be a heart attack or a stroke, or if your heart symptoms get worse, whether or not you have coronavirus symptoms.

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When the surgery is very busy, why not seek advice about your health problem by using eConsult. It's as easy as 1.2.3.

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Click on the eConsult box below to start. Please read the note above the eConsult box before using this App.

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Your doctor may want to know 

how you are managing your medication for a long term condition. If asked, complete a review for Asthma, the Contraceptive pill or Hypertension by clicking here

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The Waterside Primary care Network (PCN) has provided opportunities for the five Waterside GP Practices to collaborate in delivering a cohesive approach to supporting patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition five Health and Wellbeing Coaches have been appointed to support patients across the Waterside to provide a range of activities that encourage people to take take more responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Click on the image above to find out more about the PCN and how it is providing support for patients across the Waterside

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Each of the links shown below will take you to further information from either the NHS or Gov UK websites.

It's just ....... During these difficult times if you notice something that is not normal about how you feel or there is something different about your body, don't leave it because it may be something that would benefit from treatment. Whether it's a lump, a pain you haven't experienced before or bleeding, take action to go and see your doctor ....

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The Coronavirus Hampshire Helpline - Hantshelp4vulnerable – set up to assist frail and vulnerable local residents with essential shopping, medication collections and befriending, is now reaching out directly to the many thousands of people, designated by the NHS as ‘extremely vulnerable’ - to offer support, should they need it. We're worried that some people may potentially miss out on vital support. Click on the Hampshire logo to find out more

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Zero tolerance to aggressive or abusive behaviour.  Click on the green image to see the Practice policy to safeguard staff and patients.


The report was published on 7th January 2022 and may be viewed by clicking on ‘See the report’ in the box on the left. Click here for the Inspection Evidence table. 

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