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Please follow the instructions below to order repeat prescriptions.

  1. If you are already registered for repeat prescriptions using 'Patients Access', you should use this method. If you are not currently registered for this service click on this link to register for this service. 

  2. If you are registered to use the NHS App for repeat prescriptions you should continue to use this method.  You may still register for this service and to find out more click on this link. By registering for the NHS App this means that you may order prescriptions from your home and register with a local pharmacist to have medicines delivered to you at home.

  3. The Practice has updated the form that you may use to send an electronic request for a repeat prescription. See the form below. Use the information on your paper copy of your prescription to enter an accurate description of what you are asking for. In the comments box at the end of the form, provide the name of your local pharmacy who you wish to receive the repeat prescription.

Order Repeat Prescriptions

Complete and submit the form below to order your prescription.

Your Medication Request

If you are not happy to tick the boxes above please write down your details as requested above and return it to the surgery.

Thanks for submitting. Please allow 48 hours for prescriptions requests.

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