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How to make an appointment

Routine day appointments


The surgery runs appointments throughout the day from 8am to 6.20pm (the last routine bookable appointment). 

Waterside Health Centre   

Tel: 023 8089 9119


Blackfield Health Centre   

Tel: 023 8089 9119

If you are ever having a problem booking an appointment with the GP of your choice at the time that suits you, please ask to speak to a Manager who will call you back. 

The Urgent Care Clinic at Hythe Memorial Hospital will  be the first choice for new and urgent problems. Both a nurse and duty Dr are available every day from 8am to 6.30pm. Our aim is to offer an appointment to everyone who needs it within a few hours. Please note that these appointments are not suitable for ongoing problems. 


As telephone lines can be congested at busy times, this can be reduced by phoning for test results, enquiries and pre-booked appointments in the afternoon or late morning.

Visit requests and "on day" appointments do need to be made as early as possible, and we request that you call as soon as possible on the day to arrange these.


We are aware that at times patients have difficulty in getting through, and we have recently increased the number of staff to ensure that all possible extensions are manned, especially at busy times. However, unfortunately we only have a set number of telephone lines allocated to us. It is hoped that by following the advice above this, inconvenience can be minimized. 

It is also possible to make an advanced appointment through 'Patient Access' to book a blood test. Click here to go to the Patient Access info page.

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)

To find you nearest UTC click here and follow the instructions.  You will be asked to insert your Post Code.  Tick the box to show UTCs that are currently open and you be shown a list of centres with the closest one at the top of the list.


Also see the information below to access Urgent care by phoning NHS 111

This service offers extended access to primary care, offering primary care services in the evenings (after 6.30pm on weekdays, weekends and bank holidays) for routine and same day bookings.

How Do Patients Access the Services?


Patients will be able to pre-book routine and same day appointments through their GP practice. Urgent appointments will also be bookable through NHS 111 for West Hampshire and visiting patients.


For UTCs only, patients may also walk in to attend the service, however, the preferred access route will be through NHS 111 to enable patients to be directed to the most appropriate service for their need (following clinical triage). Where patients require a UTC appointment, this will be booked through NHS 111 to avoid patients needing to attend and wait at the UTC, this includes patients with an injury.

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