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The Waterside GP surgeries have combined their resources to create a single treatment centre at the Waterside Health Centre of Red and Green Practice for tackling the Coronavirus. The Red and Green Practice is asking any local car body repairers, asbestos cleaning companies, or any equipment suppliers that may have access to organic vapour proof masks to help to keep our staff safe and support the NHS with the fight against coronavirus, to consider making a donation of masks. Please contact the practice manager Phil Sayers ( (or if unavailable Dr Jon Kenrick) at waterside Heath Centre as a matter of priority.


If you are a patient reading this request and know of a possible source of protective face masks, please forward this request.  Thank you in anticipation for your help.

To go to information about the response of the Practice to the

Coronavirus, and the implications for patients click the image here

If you have flu-like symptoms (for example respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, cough, fever) however mild, please DO NOT come to the surgery. Instead click on this link   and assess your health situation using the 111 check   list.


A virtual round of applause from the PPG to show our thanks to the GPs, Nursing and Admin Staff of Red and Green Practice for their dedication in providing support for patients at this difficult time. Click on the 'clapping hands emoji' to see more information.

The staff at the Practice would like to thank members of the community for their kind thoughts and good wishes, at this difficult time, whilst they are providing support for patients during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Teresa Benson-Shettle from 3D Structural Detailing Services Limited, has manufactured face masks for all the staff across the Waterside Primary Care Network (PCN)

The children of Hythe Primary School sent two bags of goodies, ​including, thank you cards, biscuits crisps and hand cream.

These acts of kindness are much appreciated whilst working under such difficult circumstances

During this difficult time and to minimise the possibility of spreading infection, please use eConsult to seek medical advice from the Practice. Follow the steps in the blue box below to contact a clinician, rather than having to spend time on the phone. Please only complete eConsults for yourself and NOT for friends/relatives/or your children .

When the surgery is very busy, why not seek advice about your health problem by using eConsult. It's as easy as 1.2.3.

Click on the eConsult box below to start.

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Your doctor may want to know 

how you are managing your medication for a long term condition. If asked, complete a review for Asthma, the Contraceptive pill or Hypertension by clicking here

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Please note the report is not yet available, but will be accessible from the link above when it is published.

Each of the links below will take you to up to date information about the Coronavirus from the NHS and Government websites

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Click on the picture to find information and advice from the World Health Organisation about how to keep safe from the Coronavirus.

Before making an appointment to see your GP, check whether it would be better to seek advice from other health care professionals ... Click on the "Use the Right Service" image to go to their website and select from the 
dropdown  menus to find out more about what that  service is able to offer to provide help. 
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To help you decide which is the best service to use find out about how to  stay well by exploring the range of NHS Apps that will help you learn how to maintain your health & well-being. Click the App info box to go to the site and select the category that interests you.
Most APPs are free, but some have a cost attached.
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Worried about coronavirus?

It's natural to feel anxious during times of uncertainty. See the 10 simple things you can do to maintain your mental wellbeing and deal with anxiety about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Click on a green box to find out more.

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Please click the image on the left to read about the 2019-2020 Patient Survey. 
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Zero tolerance to aggressive or abusive behaviour.  Click on the green image to see the Practice policy to safeguard staff and patients.

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Click on this image to see an easy read version of information about Coronavirus and how to stay safe.

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